Friday, April 6, 2012

Fast Quarter

This year is already a quarter done! Where does the time go.
Haven't done a blog for a long time but we're still going and keeping busy with family.
New Year's Day is always celebrated at Lori's. This time we had brunch. Umm..very good.

The weather was like spring. Isaac played basketball outside.

Becca removed Christmas lights from the roof.
And the kids played outside on swings, trampoline, and other fun stuff.

January 24th.....we got some snow!

We had a fun party at Ken's along with white elephant gifts. Ken and Becky modeled the classy T shirts they received.

We have fun seeing the kids in their school plays. This year Allie's Jr. High did Bye Bye Birdie. Allie did a fabulous job doing the part of Ursula.

Happy 9th birthday to Isaac. He's a fun little guy and we love him very much.

Bernell always cooks Valentine's dinner. Umm...good. He made some dutch oven meat and potatoes. Always a treat!

Becky likes to try her hand at cooking, too. She make the best Lihapiirakka (Finnish meat pies). She has now perfected it! Sooo good!

Our little Ava and Liam turned 5 this February. Two very busy little kids. We love them very much!

We went on a cruise to Hawaii 1st of March. Enjoyed the cruise but don't feel like we've been to Hawaii. It rained heavy almost every day so we saw very little of the islands.

Our oldest grandson, Breton, turned 12 in March so he's our first of our next generation to receive the priesthood. He'll make a good Deacon. We love you, Breton.

Had a casual Sunday at Lori's. Megan and Becca sang songs from the Phantom of the Opera. They have a great time with their musical talents.

Was looking and feeling like Spring, yesterday Apr. 5th, but today it's snowing! We'll see what the rest of the year brings.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bear Lake

You know it's summer when it's warm enough to spend a few days at Bear Lake.
Bill and Todd did an early morning bike ride.

The kids found a dead fish next to the shore.
And digging in the sand was a favorite activity.
We went to the Minnetonka Cave but had to wait an hour and a half before we could go in.
So we pulled out some lunch and ate in the hot parking lot.

Nice and cool inside the cave.
This was the only formation we were allowed to touch.
The scenery coming out of the cave was very pretty.
Loved the view of the mountains.
Very good friends of ours have a cabin and a boat and jet-skies, etc.
So we got to have the whole Bear Lake experience!!! So much fun!!!
The water was cold but the kids didn't seem to mind.
We all got sunburned where the sunscreen didn't get put.

Lots of good food, dutch oven, one night, etc.
Two of the evenings, huge clouds, wind, and rain decided to blow in.
But the mornings were pleasant. Umm, bacon's cooking and smelling good.

Pretty sunset after the storm left.
Had a great time with the family!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beautiful Easter Sunday

This year the weather cooperated for us.

Becky made her famous deviled eggs.
Dinner's ready, so I'll take a moment to sit before all the family arrives.
Allie and Isaac made these cute little Lego Easter basket and an Easter bunny.
After all arrived, the eggs were hidden and the hunt began.

Let's see, Emma, how many eggs did you find?

Ok, let's eat!
Lots of salads, rolls, ham, baked potatoes, and pies....ummmm.
So nice, some of the kids wanted to eat outside.
Glad we could all be together.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


We just returned from a Caribbean cruise a few days ago. I really was a one eyed Pirate of the Caribbean. I know now I'm getting old when not knowing the difference between saline solution and a cleaning solution for contacts (NOT FOR EYES). The containers look nearly the same and it was a different brand than I usually use, so without my contacts in, I didn't see the writing on top that said, "Do not put in eyes". OUCH! The first morning of our cruise in went the first tainted contact. BURN! I couldn't get it out fast enough! Anyway, I thought it would just be a matter of time and it would start feeling better. No, it got worse. Went to the ship's doctor to learn I had burned my cornea from one side to the other and at the first port which was a day and half later, we would probably have to leave the ship and go home for further treatment.

Bernell and our good friend traveling with us gave me a priesthood blessing. When I returned to the doctor the morning of our first port, he checked my eye and it was almost totally healed! He was speechless. We know the answer......

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Merry Christmas to everyone as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, our Savior and Redeemer. Let us all be thankful for Him at this special time of year.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Camp Floyd

Yesterday, our family got together at Lori's for Labor Day. Previous to our gathering at Lori's, we drove out to Fairfield so we could see the area where Camp Floyd was once a huge military base for Johnston's army in 1858 to 1861.

But the most significant thing about this place for our family is that Bernell's great, great, grandfather, John Carson, was the person who established this town in 1855 with his four brothers. The settlement was first known as Frogtown.
This tree we are standing in front of was planted by John Carson 152 years ago.
John Carson built this two-story adobe and frame hotel called the 'Stagecoach Inn' in 1858. It was the first stop south of Salt Lake City on the Overland Stage Route. It also served as one of 157 way-stations during the operation of the Pony Express.
It was one of the few respectable establishments in this frontier town. It lodged visitors such as Mark Twin, Porter Rockwell, Bill Hickman, and Sir Richard Burton.
It has been restored and John Carson's pedigree is framed on the wall.

In 1858 Camp Floyd was established near Fairfield with soldiers numbering 3,500. Fairfield became the third-largest city in Utah and the country's largest military post. Fairfield grew to 7,000 people and along with it many saloons, businesses, gamblers, thieves, etc.
The kids had some fun dressing up in military uniforms, marching, and learning some gun handling techniques.
Becca and Isaac look pretty sharp. Attention!!!!
What a great way to see some family history. Standing in the home where they lived 150 years ago and learning more about them was a special experience. Makes family history real!!!